Sunday, 16 September 2012

NEW RELEASES - Sunday 16th September 2012

Here are our new releases 

Another batch of super images!
Note: The artists' name is in brackets. Click on the category link to take you directly to the shop. 

King Protea (Janel) (Flowers)

Daylily (Janel) (Flowers)

Anemone corner (Janel) (Flowers)

Festive snooze (Janel) (Holidays)

Bunny love (Janel) (Animals)

Betty bow (Janel) (Divas by Design)

Like Mom (Janel) (Babies & Toddlers)

Just married (Janel) (Weddings)

Welcome home (Janel) (Flowers)

Gardening set (Margy) (Flowers)
(10x images) 

Berni created this stunning card using some of the images in the  'Gardening Set"
Elenor created a beautiful box card scene with images from the "Gardening Set"
Jen used "King Protea" and created this gorgeous card.
 Angela created this unusual yet gorgeous card with the "Gardening Set"!
Margy used "Bettie Bow" and made a peephole card for a husband!
Jen used "Gardening Set" and created this gorgeous card.

Ursula created a cosy garden scene with the "Gardening Set".

Charlene made this stunning card, mixing images from the "Gardening Set".  

Jen made this cheery birthday card with more images from the Gardening Set. 
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All of these images are now available in the DS4J Shop.


  1. ooooooooo what wonderful new releases! they're gorgeous! i love that betty bow!!!

    cards are absolutely stunning! you ladies totally rock.

    hugs :)

  2. Some very cute releases...I'm sure I will be ordering some soon!!


  3. Thanks Stef for your sweet comments! Hope to see some of your creations with your new stamps Patty! :D