Sunday, 30 September 2012

NEW RELEASES - 30 September 2012

Here are our new releases 

Another batch of super images! We are releasing a bit-of-everything today, including a new category of digis in the shop and which I am calling "TWIGIS" because they are a mixture of a 'twinchie (2"x2" artwork) and a digistamp. Have fun with these!
Note: The artists' name is in brackets. Click on the category link to take you directly to the shop. 

Beach 'twigi' set (Margy) (Twigis)

Flower 'twigi' set (Margy) (Twigis)

3 mielies en 'n pampoen (Jen) (Holidays)

"I Do" (Jen) (Weddings)

Kitty's cat (Jen) (Cutie pies)

Herbette (Jen) (Cutie pies)

Gramps (Janel) (Boys & Toys)

Pond cassanova (Janel) (Animals)

Pointsettia candles (Janel) (Holidays)
Patches' little nap (Jen) (Animals)

Angela created this sweet card using "Herbette"
  Berni used "Patches' little nap" for this gorgeous creation
Desire used "I Do" for this beautiful wedding card
  Elenor also used "Herbette" for her lovely card
Margy used "Beach twigi set" and created this summery card

Karin made this super card with "Pond cassanova"

Karen created a beautiful wedding card with "I Do".

  Thanks for visiting! We appreciate you.
All of these images are now available in the DS4J Shop.