What is a digistamp?
A digistamp (or digital stamp) is a black and white digital image which you download and save on your computer. It is the modern version of a rubber or acrylic stamp. 

Digistamps have many advantages over rubber stamps viz:
* They do not require large storage space as they are computer files;
* No messy ink smudges – clean images are produced;
* They can be resized, rotated, flipped, and merged very easily on your computer;
* They are a lot cheaper in price than rubber stamps;
* You do not need to clean your stamps after use;
* They are instantly downloadable – no waiting for the postman to arrive!

Obviously, not everything is perfect, and there are a few disadvantages.
* The only way you can use embossing powder on a digi is to trace over the lines with an embossing pen.
* Because these are electronic files, you always face the risk of losing this data as a result of a computer crash. BACK UP your files regularly in another place or external hard drive.
* The lines of images printed with an inkjet printer, are known to ‘bleed’. A TIP is to heatset the image with your heatgun after printing.

How to use a digistamp
* Once you have saved it to your computer, the easiest software programme to use is Microsoft Word, so open up MS Word.
* Then, depending on the version of MSW you are using, INSERT a picture FROM FILE. This means you will go and find the digistamp you saved on your PC, and insert it onto your page.
* Before you can manipulate your image however, you need to change the layout settings. When the image is put onto the page, little solid blocks appear (adjustment handles) at each corner, and you will not be able to move the image to any other place on your page. To change this "right-click" on the image, then "left-click" on “Format picture”, click on the Layout tab, click on “Tight” then OK. The handles will have changed to clear circles. You can now move your image to anywhere on the page. 

Resizing your digi
* To resize your digi click on the image to show the adjustment handles. To ensure that you resize EQUALLY on both sides so as not to distort the image, DRAG one of the 4 corner handles out or in.

Flipping your digi
This is fun, but be careful - if there is text on the image and you flip it, it will be back to front! Click on the digi, then depending on the version of MSW you are using, find the tools that will let you flip the image.

Printing your digi
Once you are happy with the size and layout of your digi, print it using the 'draft' mode. Remember to heat set it first before using alcohol ink pens.

Merging digistamps
I love creating scenes with various digistamps! For this however you will always need to use the PNG version of my digistamps, as these have a clear background. Insert the digis into Word, change the layout so you can move the around, then move them where you want them eg. one of our fishes on top of the underwater scene. You could even add more fishes, all scaled at different sizes like I did below!
Have FUN.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial I learned something new! I have had a card idea to turn into a scene for a while but never thought to use the png file to do it!

  2. Me gustaría leer todo en español