Sunday, 21 October 2012

NEW RELEASES - 21st October 2012

Here are our new releases 

Our artists have been busy creating some super images for you! 
Note: The artists' name is in brackets. Click on the category link to take you directly to the shop. 

Illegal parking zone (CC/Janel) (Holidays)

Pocket love (CC/Janel) (Animals)

Acapella cats (Jen) (Animals)

 The secret ingredient (Jen) (Cutie Pies)

Thanksgiving topiary (Jen) (Holidays)
Supper's ready (David) (Cultures)
Hawaiian dolphin (Margy) (Animals)

Ice skates (Margy) (Holidays)

We see 'ewe' (Margy) (Animals)
Underwater scene (Margy) (Backgrounds)

The DT were given "Underwater Scene" to play with and here are their wonderful creations!

Jen (who added Smiling Mermaid and Mom & Daughter)
Alex (who added Seahorse and Fishy)

And JEN made gorgeous cards with some of the other images!

Image used is "Thanksgiving topiary" drawn by Jen

Image used is "Illegal parking area" from Country Crafts (Janel range)

Image used is "We see 'ewe'" drawn by Margy

Image used is "The Secret Ingredient" drawn by Jen

Image used is "Pocket love" from Janel (Country Crafts)

Margy created this card
Image used is "Suppers' ready" drawn by Margy's dad in 1951

Marcy drew the image "Ice skates" and created this centre-stepper card

  Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoyed our showcase!
All of these images are now available in the DS4J Shop.

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